Myself and Town Hall, the largest of the cardboard models made for the miniature town section of Roach Town.

About Xed

Hi! I'm Xed Blankenship (pronounced "Zed"), an illustrator and fine artist currently living in Georgia (USA). I tend towards digital illustration and fine arts work using primarily recycled materials. My general artistic interests lie in cartoons, miniatures, and set design. Please take a look around, and if you like my stuff, follow me on one of my social media platforms to stay updated on what I'm up to-- they're all listed in the "Contact" tab above! 


Current Project

My current project, Roach Town, is an exploration into miniatures, set design, and world building in a cardboard environment. It's a series about the historic section of an imaginary city called (you guessed it!) Roach Town, which is a town where cockroaches, extraplanar beings, and other ookie things that humans don't want in their towns went to live. The project has three parts: miniature cardboard building models of the town and drawings based off of them, a life-size set of the interior of Town Hall, and a series of narrative slides which depict important events in the town's history, from founding to a recent court case. Photos of Roach Town and progress shots can be found in the "Fine Arts" tab above.